Women’s History Month: Freida Pinto

After earning critical success in 2008 for her performance in Slumdog Millionaire, Freida Pinto has gone on to become a powerful force for women in film and philanthropy. Freida’s journey to success was one of complete dedication and focus on goals she formed as a young girl in India. After deciding to be an actress, Freida tried out for many roles in both Bollywood and Hollywood, taking initial rejections in stride. When she found herself cast in Slumdog Millionaire, well-deserved acclaim followed.


photo via famousfix.com

Once she found success in Hollywood, Freida began using her prominence to promote feminism, equality and humanitarianism. Inspired by the likes of Angelina Jolie and Malala Yousafzai, Freida has taken many women’s and children’s causes under her wing. She has repeatedly taken public stands against violence and for education.


photo via anokhimedia.com

Freida has been appointed the global ambassador of Plan International’s Because I am a Girl foundation, which promotes gender equality and aims to lift girls out of poverty around the world. Additionally, she worked with Gucci in 2013 to raise funds and awareness for women’s rights around the world. The campaign encouraged women’s education, rights and justice. Freida also works tirelessly with organizations and political groups to combat violence against and mutilation of women.

The Foundation for Living Beauty could not be more inspired by Freida’s love for women everywhere! Along with the other diverse women we’ve honored this month, and our Living Beauties, Freida inspires us to embrace womanhood as a path of grace, intelligence and compassion.


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