Dorothy Hamill: Olympic Star Coaches Cancer Survivors

While the annual Winter Olympics feature the most extreme of sports, they also feature the most graceful: Figure skating. Often young, beautiful and bursting with personality, skating stars quickly become role models and household names. As a teenager, Dorothy Hamill owned the Olympic skating scene, gliding to a gold medal in 1976.


Later, Dorothy once again became a winner, but this time in a battle against breast cancer. In 2007, Dorothy’s diagnosis challenged her active lifestyle. After a successful surgery and treatment, Hamill was declared cancer-free.

Despite the disappearance of her cancer, Dorothy continues to recognize the lifestyle changes that cancer patients are encouraged to make for assistance resisting cancer’s return. Often involving drugs with intense side effects, the process can be exhausting.


Fortunately for Hamill, she discovered a way to test her future cancer risk. The Breast Cancer Index test allows patients who are in remission and on anti-estrogen therapy to assess the risk of their cancer returning, and the risk-to-benefit ratio of certain drugs. The procedure is completed using tissue saved from surgery.

Now, Hamill is using her platform to help other women understand their choices after breast cancer. Her campaign, BeWisER+ About Breast Cancer, helps to empower women both during and after their battles with cancer by providing them with testing and treatment information. For Hamill, the wisdom about options allows women to find the post-cancer journey that works best for their unique needs, bodies and hopes.


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